Ie-no-Tokoro ( Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum Exhibition )


(English Below)


House for Living

The exterior wall has somehow come to be regarded as a symbolic presence in the name of “partition”. However, the exterior wall is the interface to the wider world and the “face of the house” that expresses the attitude of the inhabitant.
This is a proposal to reconstruct the interior and exterior environment by interpreting and shaping the exterior wall with flexibility. Reconsider it not as something that separates the inside from the outside, but as something that creates an interior and exterior place at the same time. What kind of “tokoro” do you want to live in? A new “ie no tokoro” will be born when the residents find value in mutual dialogue or symbiosis with the local community, including themselves, and the natural environment, and dispel existing concepts.

ie = house
tokoro = spatial location. a place where people and things exist.